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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Resolutions

We started work today, after a long weekend break (3 weekends in consecutive !).

2010 feels like a promising year, can't explain why but I just feel positive as compared to last year. 2009 was challenging and yet went by in a breeze. A bit of changes for 2010 :

- Amber going kindie on Wednesday. The kindie had scheduled for staggered intake days to accomodate for newcomers getting used to the place. I'm glad I've found a kindie of choice with reasonable rates, a principal I'm comfortable with and low student teacher ration.

- maid leaving this Thursday. I'm beginning to miss her. Can't believe that I actually dreamt of her departure last night and I kept shouting to her please don't go !!
I'll be maidless for some time, we've no intention to get another so soon and I've to make some adjustments to cope with household chores.

- Tuning up our schedules, ie. to bed early, getting home early and waking up early too. No more staying back in office at our leisure to surf the net. Gotta get work done efficiently and fetch Amber home early asap.

- Spend less time online and read more. I've given up FT, cold turkey. I really enjoyed farming but it took up a lot of my time and I can't find a better time to stop than now, as a new 'resolution'.

- Lose weight... looks like this is a 'forever' resolution and never kept. **shame**

- Eat healthily. More roasting, grilling and greens. Less 'wokking' will also keep my kitchen clean.

- Be more patient with Amber and stop to listen instead of shouting to be heard :o

Here's wishing everyone a fantastic year ahead !!