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Friday, January 8, 2010

She's Gone

My maid has left. Yesterday.

Just when we settled into the New Year feeling happy, lots to look forward to, Amber schooling and coping well. My spirits were high.

Then just couple of days before she left, she smiled more and talked more. I felt sad to let her go. I did ask her if she wanted to stay but she's adamant to go back home and do something else or rather move on with her life.

On the eve of her departure, I was hesitant to check her things but I still did. Most of the new clothes I bought for her were untouched, she's saved them to bring home. No wonder she always looks tattered and weary. Saving the best for home, I guess.

I felt the blues of losing a maid, the void of not having her around anymore. No one to greet me when I go home. No one to feed the fishes and just nobody for me to call out to.

Strangely, hubs felt the same too. He knew I was feeling down on her departure (despite all the complains and bitching I had about her), he cheered me up but the night before she left, hubs woke up in the middle of the night, thinking of her, with a heavy heart. Someone who spent 2 years with us will be gone, forever.

Despite her repeated mistakes and nonchalant attitude, we miss her coz we are human. 2 years is a long time and we've bonded with her especially in the recent weeks. She taught hubs to clean the fish pond and I taught her all I knew of cooking. I did chide for not wanting to learn earlier and waited till the last moment. I asked her what she'll cook for her family when she goes home. 'Chicken rice' ! I told her to add more bishops nose for a tastier rice and she laughed.

She sewed a secret compartment in her jeans to stuff in all her USD of 2 years worth of sweat and toil. I jokingly told her she has the most expensive 'bum' in the airport !

I asked what she wanted for breakfast ; 2 roti canais and so I happily went to get for her. She had asam laksa at Old Town LCCT, and asked me how to cook. Again, I told her, if only she'd smile more and speak more when she started her tenure with us, she'll be a happier person. I also told her in whatever job she does, she must do it well, with a passion and smile more, then she'll have a better employer-employee relationship.

Then just before leaving the home for airport, Amber had a fight with her again.. haih...

Looks like Amber does not miss her as much as us.. that's a good thing.

Anyway, I do believe in parting amicably and I wish her well.

For us, life goes on and in time, we'll get used to her absent. We'll always remember her, our first helper.