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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sleeping Independence

Amber is still sleeping on a single bed attached to our kings. We started to get her sleeping on her own, which is to fall asleep without our presence and with just a night light on.

Now, without a maid, my late evenings are occupied with housework. Getting her to sleep on her own will relieve me and hubs with some extra time to complete our tasks.

Last night, hubs put her to bed... whilst I was downstairs finishing my CNY bakes. Before she nod off, hubs left the room

2 minutes later, she came out of the room crying.. saying she was afraid to sleep on her own..
Amber scared.. Amber scared of 'kai nang' (bad people)

Hubs explained the house is safe and alarmed.. no 'bad people' will walk in to her room and hubs tucked her in again.
2 minutes later.. out she comes crying...

I want Mama sleep with Amber.. a little while only..

This went on and on for a few times and later I went up to tuck her in and take my shower. A while later, I saw her standing in the changing room, hiding in one corner,, telling me same story, she was afraid to sleep alone.. gosh !! one day she's afraid of lizard, another day of bad people, she's just so adamant we sleep with her.

.. and we were adamant she starts sleeping on her own.

... and I started the whole story about not having a maid, I have iron her uniform, wash her milk bottles, mop the floor, so much to do.. bla bla bla... I calmed her down with my story of tasks and tucked her in. By then, it was already 11.30pm. I went down, had a beer and 'bak kwa' with hubs and BIL, relaxing and FINALLY flipping through the Sunday papers.

Then, she walks out of the room crying again, asking for me. She stands at the stairways, afraid to come down, afraid to go back to the room. She looked at us and said miserably :

Not a lot of work to do also !

OMG ! I really hang my head in shame !!!! There I was giving all sorts of excuses like work to do but actually I was unwinding to a beer and bak kwa ! So malu-fying... I burst out loud laughing..

I give up .. I really give up.. I went back up and put her to bed, accompanied her to sleep !

Let's hope for some improvements tonight.