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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Nice Gift

My neighbours from our previous condo was back from Sydney recently. We look forward to meet them and catch up with their happenings and I'd always wish them the best of health. Both husband and wife are in their 70's. I miss having them as neighbours, we would always share tong sui or tea time specials that she bakes. When he buys durian, he'll always remember to get an extra pack for me.

We had lunch today at RSGC and I love the serenity of the place, overlooking the greens, in the quiet restaurant, just the 4 of us, them, hubs and myself. They'd offer me the place with with a better view of the greens.. which I so love.

Along with lunch came some nice little gifts from Sydney :

Macadamia nut chocolate and a wooden door stopper.

The door stopper brings back memories of days when Amber was toddling. She's always pick and toy around with the door stopper at their home. I couldn't find another one in Malaysia and Su Eng promised to find another for Amber.

Nice eh ? Very English and homely look. Hand painted.

Thank you Su Eng, for getting this for us from e-bay, I'm amazed you went through the trouble getting online searching for it. Thank you Su Eng & Wye Tuck for the lovely lunch and it's always our pleasure to meet up with both of you.

Hugs from Amber too !