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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Amber's First Day at Kindie

Today marks her first day of kindie. We've been anticipating this day albeit nervously. We were afraid she'll not make it to school on time or throw a tantrum but luckily all went smoothly. We got her to bed by 10.30pm the night before and up by 7am. A bit late for sleeping time but she refused to sleep and the phone rang, Joanne was on the other line but I lied to Amber that teacher called and check if she's already in bed ? (I'm bad but the little lie worked).

We were the only parents with cameras snapping here and there whilst some parents thought we were strange. LOL ! Anyway, first days are always memorable and I must the moments.

In full gear uniform and I know the shoes and socks are kinda shocking.. they don't match but I wanted a pair of sandals that can be strapped, so this is the best choice and I can't remember why I grabbed red socks, probably rushing. :)

Her good friend Sharon was already waiting for her in school.

The teacher assistant puts on her ID badge

The open area where kids have their meals and also play.

Suddenly I heard a loud cry from her, she injured herself on the see saw, getting her thighs caught between the handles and see saw board.

Papa soothing her

Then we passed her to Teacher Jo, who pacified her

I taught her what to say if she needs to use the toilet. Later I observed her from far and she said exactly what I taught her : Teacher, please, may I use the toilet ? Good girl, Amber !

This week's class was a short one and we left after 20 mins. I know she'll be fine and she has Sharon with her, so it's less intimidating with so many other new faces.

I returned to the school before the class ended. We've arranged transportation for her to go Boon's and I wanted to make sure she's aware of what's supposed to happen when school ends.

She obediently sits inside the van and waves bye bye to me.

My little girl finally going kindie !!