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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Earning a Little Pocket Money

I had the most amazing January. Despite maid leaving and I have to juggle all housework, cooking, ironing, cleaning and baking for the new year, I made some bakes for sale.

My friend Ai Kim ordered some 'Chocchipchocchunk walnut cookies' from me and also 2 loaves of fruit cake. I've never sold any cakes before and hubs, my #1 fruitcake fansee (don't leave any on the table, gone in a flash !!!) encouraged me to sell my fruitcakes. Time was not on my side, maidless, office moving, Amber schooling, bla bla bla and Ai Kim asked if I could bake her a fruitcake. Then came orders from the wine people .. then more. Now, I'm juggling the best I can as I have to bake for family too.

Here's my fruit cake..

A loaf.. abt 1.2kg.. I had to find the correct loaf tin, pans and boxes to package it.

The simple packing I made.

Then boxed up in this gawdy pink roses cake box. I'd prefer a simpler silver paper box with cover but I can't find any. Checked all the baking supply shops, bookshops, KK Decor.. nil.. nilch.... I even thought of making my own boxes but time is really not on my side.

Anybody has a better idea to package my cake ? Please share.. I'd really appreciate it.

And this is what I did for my family. I know MIL will have a hard time cutting the cake in slices, I did a little favour like this :

The cake is packed with fruits, I'll need to chill it before cutting to sliced.

Then individually wrap it with polysterene paper and box it in one of the old mooncake boxes. Nice or not ?

I'm so happy to make a little pocket money from my bakes, if only I had more time and help I'd do more.. hopefully I'm better prepared next year.