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Friday, January 1, 2010

31st December 2009

I had a very memorable birthday this year. Wishes and pressies came before the actual day.

Very meaningful friends gave me these pressies :

You know who you are ;)

Then on the eve of my b'day, I received a bag of souvenirs from a friend who just returned from Korea. Lots of snacks, face mask and foot scrub.
I couldn't resist trying out this super crispy and yummy seaweed :

and we had just picked up some bargains at Cold Storage wine sale, we opened a selection to celebrate

Suits my palate.. and the next day.. hubs sent me to Cold Storage to get another bottle and I gladly did. I took the morning off, had my breakfast at Nyonya Colours, went shopping on my own.. enjoying myself very much.

Then, I rushed back to KLCC and had lunch with 3 wonderful ladies,, Jacss, Irene and Paik Ling. This is my first time meeting Paik Ling and she's really fun! Jacss will be delivering her bundle of joy very soon and we talked everything from delivery room to epi and confinement ladies over our lunch at CPK.

Then I met hubs for coffee.

Then I went in to office and received a nice surprise from my eldest sister, Tai Kar Cheh. She was so nice to make me this :

Homemade chicken essence, delivered to my office. *sangat tersentuh*.. last time I had such pampering was during my confinement (for services I had to pay, LOL!)

Tai Kar Cheh bottled up the chicken essence for me in this bottle :

Sooo cute.. she's careful to ensure no spillage. I took and relished every single drop of the warm homemade nourishing goodness. YUMZZ !!! Homemade chicken essence is very nourishing and I wanna say a big THANK YOU to her.

Traffic was bad (expected) on the Eve of New Year and I chose a place near home for dinner.

Can you guess where we went ?

TGIF !!!

Selected New Year's Eve Menu

and kids menu too

I ordered fettuccine alfredo for Amber. She didn't like it at first but when I mixed it with tomato sauce, she loved it, finished half a plate (a big feat for my fussy eater)
From white alfredo sauce, we added our own concoction

Hubs had the NY steak while I had the Jack Daniels steak. Not much photo to show, both steaks looks the same, taste was alright but I find the portions here a bit small as compared to Tony Romas.

Then, a little cake (mud pie) for moi :)

Guess who gets to blow the candles ?

A nice evening with my little family......