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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Updates in School

She's coping well in kindie, in fact liking it very much and don't wanna go home. Hope this stays and not because it's someplace new and fancy for her.

The kindie does not provide snacks and I have to think of what to pack for her. Biscuits and cookies are the easiest to prepare but it's kinda dry and I don't want her to end up with sore throat if she does not drink a lot of water with it.

A typical snack for her :

Panettone italian cake and Ikea jam biscuits.. She ate 1 1/2 biscuits and left the cake untouched. Well, I can't expect my slow eater to wallop everything during recess right ? Bento's would be nice but with my already very stretched time in the morning... I'm afraid not.

I've labelled all her containers and tumblers.

She came home with 'stamps' on her hand. She kept saying teacher chop my hand, teacher chop my hand..
I draw "ahhh". one round round and one long line !

I scratched my head and only after a while I saw the marks on her hand and "ahhh' means 'a'. One small circular with a tiny line attached to it. ... ... .. and no, teacher did not chop her hands off but placed a stamp mark for job well done.. and.. everybody got it ! :)

and she fell down from the chute slide.

Grazed her chin. Still look ok on this photo but yday it turned blue black. She refused any ointment and I must make it a point to apply Vitamin E oil tonight for faster healing.

Nowadays, I look forward to hear from her about school.

A milestone for her, and us too !