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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Randoms from KLCC

Last night we took our Cambodian maid to KLCC, a farewell treat for her. I know she has always wanted to go KLCC and for her finale, we took her there for dinner and hubs brought his DSLR to take some pics of her.

We had dinner at KFC, her favourite (she like ribs, orginal and mashed potatoes, she hates KFC's coleslaw)

Now that she's leaving, I really miss her (or miss someone getting the laundry done and house cleaned up). OK, I have to admit, her final months were much better than her firsts few months. She smiles more, talks more and how I so wished she was like that when she arrived. Our relationship would have been much better. I still remember our first KFC treat for her was on her birthday, 4 months after her arrival. She just quietly relished her snack plate, ignoring Amber and oblivious to her surroundings. Last night she was so different, she asked Amber to quickly eat her meals, help feed her, talked and joked. Haih.. if only she was like that from the start, I would have a better employer-employee relationship with her.

I believe on parting in good terms. I know the bye-bye is final and I'll not hear from her. Somehow, no matter how she has made me angry for her past mistakes (vice versa, I guess ??), I trust her not to steal or take anything from me when she leaves and I hope I am right.

Amber knows Kakak will be leaving soon but she kept asking kakak to come back and visit us. Hubs suggested I bring her to the airport to send kakak off, sort of like to close the chapter and to let her witness kakak waving bye-bye forever.

We took some nice shots of her and Amber and I need to get those photos out before she leaves on Thursday.

Some nice and cute pics of Amber to share first :

Different expressions of a little girl so happy to have a soft drink - 100 Plus Orange .:

We also went to the park and Amber did her little twist, showing off her long and flowing dress

And then she got angry when Papa was taking kakak's photo, ignoring her. She sulked and walked far from us, throwing a tantrum :

The KLCC view from the park :

We hitched a buggy ride to Traders Hotel and got a better view :

My helper for 2 years : Sopheak

We wish her well and success back in Cambodia.