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Monday, January 11, 2010

Amber - Updates

It's been almost a week since she attended kindie. Today is the first day school's on full gear from 8am to 12 noon.

Last week was a very short week and short kindie hours, to get the kids adjusted.

Wed - first day.. we sent her to school and see her off to the transporters car
Thur - I picked her up from school, brought her to airport to send Kakak off
Fri - We left her there on her own

I received a call from her principal today. A small accident happened while she was playing on the funnel slides. She fell face down and grazed her chin. She refused ice pack and other medication. I checked with Boon's and he has applied antiseptic ointment on her chin. Must take a good look at her tonight

Her principal shared with me some observations today :
- She's reluctant to go home (Boon's). Last Friday, she was looking for me but luckily the transporter and principal could coax her to leave.
- Today, while queuing up to leave with her transporters, she turned back and took off her shoes, thrice. She wanted to 'sleep' in the kindie. Principal explained to her kindie cannot house her, they don't have mattress and facilities, etc.
- She saw another kid drinking milk and she interrupted the teacher many times asking for milk. She miss her milkie and bottle ! LOL ! Teacher again explained and offered her biscuits but she kept wanting milk. She even wanted the other kids milk and said.. 'Cup also can lah..'
Then the teacher told her she's interrupting, Amber said aloud : I'm not disturbing, I only want MILK !' LOL !!!
- She comes back home with activities. Last week she did some coloring and made a 'flower' for hubs and me.

I am happy with her progress and structured activities in school. Although we still have difficulties getting her to sleep early, we make it a point to be in bed by 10pm but she'll drag till 11pm or so before knocking off. In the mornings, to wake her up, I play Channel 613 'POCOYO' to wake her up. However, when I mention 'go to school', she'll pull herself out of bed. She likes kindie and looks forward to it !