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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A bun in the oven

Our prayers have been answered. God had blessed us with #2.
I have to thank my firstborn, for always praying for Mama at the temple. I've heard her whispering with a joss stick in hand.. .. please let my mummy have another baby and I hope Kuan Yin will give me another baby sister, please , please, please....
She was elated when we told her and she kept mum about our 'little secret, promising not to reveal until we allowed her to.

I had my jitters being pregnant the second time around. Nervous over my health, ability to cope and baby's health, especially the prenatal genetic testing. I was afraid of tests and results. I walked in to the obgyn with prayers in my mind.

I only felt relief and slowly enjoyed my pregnancy after results of the PGT were out. My test for Trisomy 21 was 1 in 1013, low risk and I do not need to go for amniocentesis. A big relief for us and we've been thanking the gods above everyday.

D day is less than 7 weeks away or pehaps lesser. I had my fair share of pregnancy discomfort this round. I had insomnia since first trimester, sometimes so bad that I only get 2 hour shut eye. I feel expecially bloated in the evenings, I can hardly eat and walk in the evenings but I really shouldn't complain for god has been kind, baby is growing well and healthy.

7 wks more and counting down...


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