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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Bits and Pieces from Fairlie Estate

This was how it feels like being atop the View Point at Fairlie Estate.. WONDERFUL !!!

This post is sooo outdated, I must get it logged in before my next trip. Blame it on the new post-editor Blame it on busy-ness I've been too hogged up to pull up a post lately but sweet memories of my holiday must be blogged before it's kept somewhere in the SD card . .:) :) :) This trip, I enjoyed the visit up Boh Plantations Farlie Estate most. I remember vividly my last visit there, some 20 odd years ago with my schoolmates. Those were the good old times.

We had to drive very slowly up the narrow roads to reach the estate
to be greeted by tea plants that looks like giant bobs of stem-less mushrooms
she and her oversized sunnies. don't she look like one of the powerpuff girls ?

certain roads are blocked for estate vehicles. this estate is much larger than Sg Palas estate and with a bigger tea processing plant too.
unlike Sg Palas, over here, we have to go on a guided tour.
we took a walk up the the 'View Point',  very narrow path up and with promising awesome view.
174m seems like eternity when you are unfit ! Quite dangerous and proper walking shoes recommended.
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Up the View Point. a father and daughter moment. The daughter complains of tiredness but actually wants to manja the father to give her a heave ho.. swing and dance, up above the hills
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 Amber is always a happier kid when she's outdoors, out in the sun, at the park or beach, if only KL's weather was 10celcius lower !
ohh.. this is gross. green gunk running down her nose. this pics for keeps !!