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Monday, August 16, 2010

Amber's Allergy Doctor @ Tangkak

Blogger Chin Nee enquired on Amber's progress after she had read about us visiting the allergy doctor here
Many bloggers and friends have been asking me about Dr Wong and it's very hard for me to explain his method of testing allergy and treatment without sounding bizarre. Not many of the friends whom I've spread good words about Dr Wong did see him, Tangkak is a bit far but living with allergies is annoying and painful and I'd do anything to make Amber more comfortable.

Chin Nee took the next step and made the trip to see him, and found out she's allergic to a 5 spice powder.

Past few days, I've received a few emails asking about 'the special doctor from Tangkak, who practises muscle-energy testing, ie kinesiology to test allergies'

I've taken a many photos of him conducting the allergy test but he told me he's 'nobody until his treatment is proven'. 4 month on, from our first visit, I'd say Amber's allergy has improved tremendously, she :
  1. no longer scratch her backside every night, in public and in school
  2. no longer cough incessantly
  3. Rhinatoil Prometazines are out.
  4. no longer takes antihistamines, as in almost every other day
  5. no longer applies steroid based eye creams and eye drops
  6. only needs 'pei pa koa' to sooth irratating cough
  7. uses a lot less Elomet cream
  8. has much better appetite
  9. has a glow in her face compared to 4 months ago
  10. feels a lot heavier to carry now
All these, thanks to knowing what she can and cannot take, modifying our lifestyle a little bit, never mind the inconvenience of ordering only food she can take, never minding paying more for hypo-allergenic bedsheets, covers and quilts, never mind working extra hard to vacuum and mop our bedroom more frequent, never mind the extra load to change her bedsheet, wash in warm water, spin dry and ironing.

I believe, freedom from allergy is not a distant dream.

If you want to know more about Amber's treatment, you can read it here, here, here and here

If you want a hope to rid yourself of the inconvenience, irratation and lifetime lifestyle restriction that your allergies has caused you, see Dr Wong Meng Kiang at : 

114 Jalan Payamas, 84900 Tangkak, Johor, Tel : 06-9781576

Dr Wong and Amber
His clinic hours are from 9am till 4.30pm, Mon - Sat.

I got to know Dr Wong from a blog visitor, Linda Phua.
Linda, if you reading this, thank you very much and I still owe you a visit and coffee.