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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Tweety Bird Hair

Amber's kindy is having a photo session today. The teachers left a note for us last week, reminding parents to dress up our kids, wear closed toe shoes and socks and to accessorize their hair. Hairclips and hairbands are encouraged for girls.

I still remembered my kindie photo, those days it was in black and white, now, 30 odd years on, this photo is precious and tucked away in my father's cupboard along with other baby photos of myself and my siblings.

We had a late night yesterday, came home close to 11pm, I hurried her to bed, nagging from the porch to the living, to the kitchen, to the bedroom. Go to bed, go to bed, otherwise you'll have swollen eyes tomorrow, you'll need toothpicks to keep your eyes open, you won't look PRETTY ! Mama need to tie your hair up nicely and neat, because you have to take photo.

Then hubs added, told her how important the photos will be especially when she grows up and have children of her own, she can proudly show them..

As usual, Miss Dilly Dally will sing, count her fingers, or do a shadow play with her fingers, something she so loves doing, and I love watching from afar, before she falls to sleep. We keep a small nightlight on and she twiddles her fingers up in the air, amusing herself with the reflections on the wall.

Finally past 12am, she fell asleep.

This morning, she woke up, remembered the photo session and said, I want to tie my hair like Tweety Bird !

huh ?? Tweety ? I was half asleep , what tweety ? What happened to Princess Snow White, Cinderella and Barbie Doll, her 3 favourites at the moment?

I want like Tweety ! Tweety Bird !

ok,, ok,, don't argue with a 4 year old in the mornings, unless I'm prepared to be late for work with my blood pressure few notches up.

I tied 2 pony tail, gelled her hair in place, hoping it'll stay in place till photo session and clipped up her fringe. I always like her without fringe.. and say.. neh.. you look like Tweety Bird now.

She smiled and strut off to school.

Tweety Bird ? that bird is 'botak', save for the 3 strings of hair.

As I said again, I wouldn't want to argue with a 4 year old who thinks she's right all the time. Would I ?