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Friday, August 13, 2010

A Stopby at Ipoh

Last week, we made a short getaway to Camerons, partly a work trip as hubs had some tasks to do there. I hope he has more things to do at Camerons, that means we get to go up the highlands more often. YAY !!!

As usual, we'll not give Ipoh a miss, not a chance. I need to have my Ipoh white coffee fix before heading up the highlands. I arranged to meet up with Claire and Agnes, at unearthly morning hours on a weekday. Claire, took time off from her work and luckily she still hold her job now :) and Agnes had to drag Maine up from bed to meet up with us.. as if I'm VIP eh.. but thanks ladies, thanks for dragging your feet to Old Town that morning.

There's Agnes and Maine, me, Claire and a Agnes' morning yum-cha kaki, who happens to be Claire's good friend from school. What a small world eh ? You get to meet your school friend from a blogger's meet ?

and there's Maine, the cute cute Maine, very clingy to Agnes but she allowed me to carry her around the coffeeshop and stopped to ask for an apple. Very cute !

A very rushed and quick meeting, nonetheless, a fun one too. Meeting up in such a crammed place at Sun Yuan Loong coffee shop at Old Town Ipoh is not the best place to chit chat but we'll be back, for sure !

Claire and Agnes gave us some Yee Hup biscuit. Thanks ladies!!

Before heading up to the highlands, we had to complete our all round Ipoh ritual by stop at Funny Moutain tau foo far and pick up some yummy fluffy kaya puff at :

Sin Eng Heong
64, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri (previously known as Clare Street)
30300 Ipoh, Perak
Tel : 05-2439659

At 70 sen a puff, it's worth every calorie.
They bake 70 puffs per tray and gets snapped up very fast. Patrons order by the boxes of 10, 20, 50 and some even 100. To avoid disappointment, order first. We ordered 50puffs on our way back and didn't have to wait. I walked in with a breeze and smiled when I saw a long queue waiting outside. You can see the queue from the photo above. So, please call, the number is above :)

The kaya puffs, close up. Heaven sent ! and it's non-halal (patutlah sedap !!!)

Another new discovery, their heong peah is fantastic too. 50sens a piece, the cheapest heong peah by far and very delish too.

And so, with a satisfied tummy, we went up the highlands, approximately 1.5 hours drive away.