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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My daughter and Me

Most daughters will have a very good relationship with their mothers but my Amber has always been a papa's girl. From birth till now, there's no guessing whom she is closer to.

Papa is her playmate

She looks up to Papa

She wants to marry Papa ( I put a stop to that !)

She brings socks to Papa every morning

She dances with Papa

She request to dance with Papa everynight, a trade off before she agrees to go to bed

Papa has the energy to 'wheeeee her up in the air' like this :
She demands plenty of affection from Papa and will not hesitate to say " Love Papa forever" everyday.

With me ?

She doesn't show as much affection with me as she does with her Papa but she'll always look for me, shout for me when Papa fetches her home.
She doesn't shout for hubs if I fetched her home instead.

I still come secondary after Papa. She does not realise we parents are smarter than she think and I know it when she say something in purpose, with hidden meanings.

She'd say things like :

- Love Papa forever, Mama also (notice it's not the other way round, as in Papa also?)

- Amber is Bumble Bee, Papa is Optimus Prime, Mama is Megatron (she thinks I'm st****) -- this one hubs and I die laughing and I'll remember till old.

- Playing doctor, she'll pretend to feed us medicine. Nah Papa, eat medicine, your medicine sweet. Mama's medicine is bitter.

and many many more instances. I've always been placed secondary. I know she loves me very much but she thinks she can get away bullying me. Oh .. and she told her childminder once,. I like to bully my mummy because my mummy doesn't cane me !

The term 'daddy's girl' is very true and Amber is truly one daddy's girl

She and me, poles apart, we always have differing view and end up arguing. I'd say yes, she'd say no. If I'd say pink is nice, she'd choose purple. If I say strawberry is sweet, she'll insist it's sour. I'd say dress is nice, she'd insist on jeans. I'd say tie up her hair in pony tail, she'd insist pigtails. I'd say pigtails, she'd insist on ponytail !

She's the Opposition Party, always at loggerheads with me. You know what I mean ? Take a look here, this photo describes us perfect :

we can't even agree on directions!!

Many times, it's exasperating having a conversation with her. We'd always end up in a huge argument and yes, she argues, loud and full of words. At 4 year old, she can outdo me !

A couple of time I'd give up and say :
Amber, oh Amber! Wait till you grow up and have a little daughter just like yourself ! *evil grin*

She'd say :
No! My daughter not like me ! My daughter like Princess, Snow White and Barbie Doll !!

Aarrgh !! I want to hang myself !