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Sunday, August 15, 2010

What We Did At Camerons

Once we checked in at Equatorial Apartments, our first stop was Sg Palas Boh Tea Plantation. Since it was a weekday and not many tourist up at the highlands and rushing in and out of the plantation, driving through the narrow windy road was easy!

Stopping by Boh Plantation is now our ritual, if I could have things my way, I'd live here and sip English Boh tea everyday, breath fresh air, sooth my eyes with the greenery. Camerons would be an excellent retirement home except that medical facilities are not up to par in case of emergencies and retirees need the best medical care right ?

Lush, lush greens

and more..

She requested for her hair to be blown salon style.. 'turn turn turn the fringe' and blow, left right and middle. Amber ! She's taking me as her special assistant. Mama to pack her clothes, Mama to coordinate her clothes and Mama to style her hair  like Tweety Bird and Mama to blow her fringe 'pok pok' style.. aka puffed up fringe. It was a lot puffier until the breezy wind at the plantations messed it up.

We stopped by at the Big Red Strawberry Farm and squeezed in some time to pluck some strawberries. At Rm40/kg, the price is triple of what you'd have to pay at pasar malam or pasar pagi but it's worth the fun. Not to mention the few that we nicked and popped into our mouth ! :)

She's sulking when I said Rm40/kg is way way toooo expensive !!

Plucking strawberries is an experience and fun too but I don't think it'll be fun if I have to stoop and spy for fat and ripe strawberries 8hr/day x 5day/wk .. right ? or not ?

a flower budding to a strawberry.

I had to make sure she cut only the fat ripe ones as there's 'sherrifs' walking around and reprimanding those who cut not-so-nice ones and dump them to the floor when they find fatter, redder berries.

Our loot.

Amber was looking for this poser. She remembered the last time we were here with Yuen Wen cheh-cheh and Ah Huat kor-kor, all 3 posed for a pic here. This trip, she had to pose alone.

Tataaa... for Day 1. nothing much to report on this trip anyway, since it's a part work trip.