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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Hubs & The Mozilla Firefox

The blurcase, this is too funny, I must put it in record.

Those friends who know us well, will also know how dependent the hubs can be. I'm not saying he depends on me but if there's wifey next to him, he'll always call or shout out for something. Better to ask the wife than to search, more convenient, you know what I mean ?

It happened this morning. Our darn slow internet connection at office is really annoying. I can't read my gmail, unless in html mode, and that's very annoying. I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and that helped.

Then, the hubs had the same problem with his gmail, cannot open, unless in html mode. He wanted to use Mozilla too and asked me how.

I was chewing on my rotikaya this morning and told him .. google mozilla la !!

Would you understand me ? Simple isn't it ? Want Mozilla ? go google it. Simple mou ?

He asked me how to spell Mozilla. ok, fine, some ppl have not used or heard of Mozilla before.


Emm tak geh ????

What I saw next nearly had me choking on my wholemeal rotikaya. I quickly gulped in water before I let myself loose, laughing hysterically. The hubs was angry, said I wasn't specific. I had said google mozilla and he did just that :

tsk.. tsk.. tsk...

and yes, it's my fault, I wasn't specific !