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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Singapore - Bits and Pieces

Just want to note down a few other bit of my trip :

Toast pizza

My sis made these quick sandwich pizzas for breakfast.

Spread Prego pasta sauce on the sandwich slices. Place sliced Johnsonville Beddar Cheddar sausages and sprinkle with Mozarella then toast. I'm not a pizza person but I like this. Johnsonville sausages are soo tasty and yummy but so pricey here. Sis got them (pack of 6 thick fat sausage) for SGD11.50 at Cold Storage next to her home and guess how much it cost at Cold Storage KL ?

Freaking RM42.50 for the same pack ! After conversion, it's almost double. Such is our shrinking purchasing power. No wonder Ayamas sausage (I hate them) sells like hot cakes at our supermarkets.

Coffee @ Tg Pagar MRT stop (Fun Cafe, Fun Kafe ??)

Can't remember the name of this small cafe, exit at Tg Pagar MRT. I think it's located at basement of OUB Center but I we had this :

Cashew nut toast.

Just plain simple peanut butter toast tossed with crushed cashew nuts, something different. Nice ? Yes !!!

Over rated layer cake.

I tried the famous layer cake from Bengawan Solo. Heard it's so good, I had to try. We went to the Takashimaya outlet and saw this :

Very expensive hor ? The cake was as it is, baked. They didn't cut away the horrible sides.
I like my layer cake to be prim, proper and NEAT.

I took pics.

And then, tho it looks horrible (to me, at least), I had to try.

For SGD1.50, I got a piece ..

Very thin piece

Length of my palm.

Took a bite. Very moist but lacking in aroma and flavour. My guess is they probably grilled it over very high oven temparture and short time to achieve the browning affect at each layer without drying the cake.

Anyway, not bragging but I think my layer cake tastes way better (thanks to Amy Beh !)