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Friday, December 11, 2009

Pu Tien @ Parkway Parade

Once I got myself rested and settled down, it's time to hit the streets. I had an 'appointment' to meet my very good friend, Sei Yee, at Tg Pagar MRT. Our initial plan was to join a Christmas party somewhere in River Valley but she cancelled it and brought me to her beautiful home instead.

Gosh, I could kick myself for forgetting to take pics of her beautiful home and beautiful princesses. Her new home is very modern, contemporary and chic. She's my very dear friend from school days and I'm really happy for what she has achieved today.

She, being a real dear friend, took me to 'Pu Tien' for dinner. She knows I'm of Hinghwa descent and I was elated to finally try Hinghwa food in a comfortable and modern ambience too (there's a couple of hinghwa restaurants in KL but all are very run down and slowly dying off)

I would certainly vote for Putien !

Ahhh.... food from my ancestral land.. Putien..

So, what did we have ????

Deep fried pig trotters with pepper. They made this meaty and masculine dish look so dainty. Each piece of trotter is about the size of 2in x 4 in. So unlike the trotters I have at KL, one big chunk and gotta cut and stretch the meat while being careful not to hit those seated next to you with your elbows ! :)

Fried lala, hinghwa style. True to the style of hinghwa cooking, the clams are exactly the size as described by hubs of his grandma's cooking. Somehow, I could not get this exact size of lalas @ KL. Either bigger and meatier, or much tinier.

Shredded meat with sesame mantou. Another dainty dish and the mantou is delicious. Does not give you the jai feeling at all.

Best of the lot. Hing hwa lor meen. Fine wheat noodles in starchy gravy with choy sum, mushroom, lala, prawn and scallops. A little bit of every ingredient without one overpowering the other. I told hubs I had this dish and he was so 'jealous'. Now, my task is to replicate this dish for him at home. SY encouraged me to try cooking this dish at home too. Thanks for having faith in me and I hope I don't disappoint you !

A closer look at the lor meen.

Hinghwa fried bihun. Another very nice dish but this one, I dare not take the challenge to cook. Not easy to fry such thin vermicelli on wok without getting most of it stuck and burnt on the wok. Another 'a little bit of everything' dish, garnished with toasted seaweed. I noticed there's some cut up taufupoks too. Maybe I can attempt a fried bihun with a 'semua tarok' ingredients. LOL !
I came back to KL and told my Papa about this place, he can't remember much on Hinghwa cooking but I'm sure he'd like to savour his ancestral food too. Hope there'll be a chance to bring him to 'Putien' restaurant one day, as Putien, his motherland is way too far away.
I really thank my friend SY and her husband to let me experience Pu Tien food. SY, if you reading this, use yr entrepreneurial skills to convince the founder to invest with you to set up outlets in KL. You have me and hubs as your regular die hard regular patrons !!!