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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Christmas Feast !!

This has to be THE feast to end the year with a BANG !!

On the 27th, me and Barb was very priviledged to be invited by Annie to join her family for a BBQ night. When we arrived, Annie's hubs was working on their very big and 'canggih manggih' BBQ set. Poor him, working all night filling our tummy tum tums, I never saw him eat anything.

Annie's house was nicely decorated with 2 Christmas trees and lots of lighted garlands around the house. I must commend the family for making this a big event, you should have seen the Christmas presents. Coming from a small family, I truly enjoyed this 'big' gathering at the Lee's mansion.

Hubs went goo goo gaa gaa when he saw few big chafing dish of bbq-ed smoky ribs.... this is truly a feast for us and the nearest we could to Tony Romas rib racks ( which is a tad dry). Annie's SIL also cooked 2 bit dish of pasta with lots of bacons and Annie made us delicious fresh mushroom soup and garlic bread.

I am ashamed, I truly am..
With so much nice food.... I forgot to take any nice pics. Luckily Annie took some nice and memorable pics here. I was too engrossed digging in to the delicious food.

This is the only photo I took of the food :

My plate .. clean or not ? Hahahahaaa.. I can't help laughing looking back at this photo !

Annie planned a surprise early bday wish for moi... **blush**. . and her SIL's friend. That was real sweet of her and I told hubs, he had to do better than Annie for my bday !

Amber made some friends and had a good time too .
Annie's family's gift exchange..

Kids had party packs and glowies..

Amber and her gifts from Aunty Barbara, Aunty Annie and us..

Amber and Ashley opening their gifts

Excited !!
Thank you Annie for having us over. It was the best-est BBQ we ever had.. Don't forget us the next round ya ? ;)