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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Face Art

Do you call this face art ? Neh.. painting motifs on face ?

Anyway, we were at Tesco Malacca 2 weeks ago and chanced upon this little kiosk drawing motifs for free, in the spirit of Christmas celebration. Naturally, I jumped at the chance for Amber to have a little treat.

I helped Amber choose a butterfly motif and aitelyu, Amber was still and not moving while the motifs were drawn on her cheeks. Never seen my hyperactive child so 'kwai' and obeying. She's so afraid of the pretty butterfly getting smudged.

Her deft hands were quick on drawing up the butterfly motif.

Nice ?

She was the happiest girl (although this pic doesn't show it).

Then we adjourned for dinner at another place. She kept asking me..
Mama, did I smudge it ? (ooo tong teow wor ??) for the gazzilionth time.

She asked for mirror to check on her butterfly. Lucky I have a compact with me.

Ok, butterfly intact. Happy.



Apply my compact on her face !!!!

Amber, oh Amber !