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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh! Will You Please Wake Up !

Amber oh Amber.

You refuse to sleep at night and
you refuse to wake up in the morning.

I put you to bed by 10pm,
you'll sing, dance and prance aboout

By 11pm, You sing
.. Ju ni sen re kuai ler... ju ni sen re kuai ler..
Nobody's birthday.. but you keep singing

I say.. stop singing. you don't sleep, 'tantiu' coming !
You say 'Mai ! mai ! mai tantiu.. Amber sleep'

11.30pm, still not sleeping..
You fold the blankets, hop from my bed, to your bed, back and forth

by 12 midnight.. you fall asleep

Gosh ! this happens EVERY NIGHT ! I've told you school's starting in a month and you've gotta learn to sleep early and wake up early. Mama cannot bring a deep asleep Amber to school in pyjamas you know ?

Papa have to carry you out of the house every morning..

See, you are like this... just like a sleepy piggy

Then we plonk you in Boon's car, you are still asleep

Every morning's the same...

More of you in different pyjamas...

Then one day, during school holidays, all the other kids frm Boon's came to fetch you , the VIP sleepyhead.
You were like this :

And all your other 'pang yaus' were seated at the back laughing at you. LOL !!!!

So cute ya ?
Please, Mama don't know how I'll cope next year, when we don't have a maid and we've got to get you ready for school.
Please be good, sleep early and rise early ya ?