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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dinner @ Chin Huat Live Seafood

Back to my Singapore posts ! Been back for more than a week and I miss my getaway (esp when Amber's been terribly naughty and tantrumental !).

Just before I left for the airport, sis and her family took me to Chin Huat Live Seafood, a quaintly setup tucked in Sunset Way, Clementi, one of the the older residential area in Singapore. We walked there as it's just a short distance from sis' place.

When my sis mentioned Chin Huat, I thought it's some 'tai chow' tucked in the HDB area but I was wrong and I was pleasantly surprised.

Chin Huat Live Seafood. Find them here ...

What surprised me was the decor of the place.

I asked to seat outside, non airconditioned. With cool evening breeze, al fresco dining would be perfect. If I remember clearly, the floorings are of timber platforms too and that made the place really cozy and just plain 'nice'.

Pretty place ? Yes ? No ?
I like their choice of seating indoor or alfresco.

I heard from my sis, this place is good, lots of famous names dine here, including President Nathan.

When I started clicking away, the lady-in-charge ( I think she's the BOSS), Amy Low, asked why I was taking pictures and when I told her it's for my personal blog, she asked me to write good reviews on Chin Huat. I told her honestly, I'll write it as it is. If it's good, it's good.

I have to say at that time, I felt 'overwhelmed' when someone asked me to write a good review about them. Made me felt kinda like an 'important person' ya.

It was almost 7pm and I have a flight to catch at 9.30pm, I was really nervous about missing my flight but sis and BIL kept assuring me we have ample time and service at Chin Huat is fast and snappy

Then ..... within minutes, our first dish arrived

Cereal prawns done to perfection. Not oily at all and crunchy to the bits from head to tail. Prawn flesh remains moist and not overdone. A skill to deep fry to perfection in this manner. Very nice !

Crispy chicken drizzled with fresh calamansi. Another very tasty dish, moist meat and not overdone.

Asparagus with sambal belacan. Yummy.

Mantou, also perfectly done. Crispy outer and not oily at all. Most deep fried mantous I have are usually too oily but this is not. If I could, I should have packed some home !

Braised pork belly 'hoong siew' style with gravy to dip in the mantous.
Nice ? For 5 of us, the servings are generous and enough leftovers for 'tapau'.
This was my last meal at Singapore before I rushed to the airport to board my flight. I would say Chin Huat left a lasting impression with their commendable service and cooking styles (not too oily and salty) - every dish is cooked to perferction. I'd certainly go back there again when I visit sis next year.
So, if you do go Singapore, remember to look out for Chin Huat Live Seafood.