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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cupcakes for Sis

Last Sunday was my Eldest Sis' b'day. I just came back from Singapore the night before and can't think of getting her anything and was too lazy to go out and hunt for a cake.

My orange cupcakes, pretty simple recipe was a hit with the family, so I thought of making her some, anything homemade with personal touch is always better right ?

And so I made cupcakes !

Easy peasy recipe which I googled about and simplified to this :

250gm block of butter
220gm castor sugar
** whisk till pale and fluffy **

add in 4 eggs, each at a time, then add

1tsp vanilla essence
grated rind of 1 orange
1tbsp Sunquick concentrate
1tbsp evaporated milk

continue whisking till fluffly and

fold in 250gm of Blue Key self raising floor.

Pour to cupcake moulds in pan and bake at 180celcius till golden .

Then I made a cheese frosting.. 'agak agak recipe', shoot myself for not noting it down coz I didn't think it'll work, this my second experience with frosting and honestly, I hate doing frostings.

Here goes :
1 tube of Tatura cream cheese ( I think it's about 250gm)
50gms of butter (approx.. i just scraped some it, should be ard 50gm)
50gms icing sugar, add a little at a time to a consistency of your liking, may be more or less.
grated rind of half lemon and it's juice

whisk till smooth and spreadable like this :

Then spread over cupcakes, like this :

Then I used pink butter icing (butter and icing sugar & pink food coloring, whisked).

Nervous ! Better not get it smudged up..

I had to make sure the alphabets and cuppies are in order that fits the tupperware I had.

I was already nervous with the icing and then came Amber.. 'kacau kacau'. She and hubs enjoying themselves to my butter. I screamed... Don't touch my cakes !!!

Then she showed me her 'clean hands' ;)
Cheeky huh ? With her in the kitchen whilst I'm icing the cake.. I'm like a timebomb ! Disaster can happen anytime, cupcakes can topple, icing get smudged etc, etc, etc...

Hubs was busy taking photos me and my cakes and little miss was also taking photos of the cupcakes :

Final job, nice homemade cupcakes.. good enough for a birthday pressie for sis !

And then, she helped me clean up :

All she wanted was the sprinkles :

LOL !!!!!!!!!!