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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

'Me' Time Getaway

I made a short trip to Singapore over last weekend. To visit my sis and her family, to visit Orchard Road and mainly, just to 'get away'. Been wanting to do it since June and Amber came up with HFMD and then this and that came about and my trip was postponed. I needed to go before the maid leaves and hence last weekend was a good time.

I took Air Asia, price is reasonably cheap, ard RM270 return (cheaper if I had booked earlier). I don't like taking buses. Sitting alone on a 5-6 hour ride.. ahh... I can't take the boredom. Taking a fllight doesn't save me much time but at least there's more to do, transit, walk, wait, board.. etc.

I took KLIA Transit Express to Sentral (will blog abt it later) and reached LCCT very early, had my breakfast at Old Town ( I hate OTWC but at LCCT, lack of choices and I don't want to pay premium for McD, I think OTWC is the best choice there, in fact, food quality and service is much better than the few KL outlets I've been to)

My si mut lai char.. Wuah... It's just so nice.. me, myself, my lai char.. waiting to board the plane.

I ordered a toast too since I'll be arriving past lunch time... Egg's nicely done, the way I like it. Sprinkle pepper and soya sauce.. yumzz !!!

Ehh... got to watch over my bag while I took photos and eat. I travelled light, only one hand carry above, my handbag and a wine bag with rolled up wall stickers for sis. 80% of the stuff in the bag is for sis (bakwa, winter boots, winter jacket and I stuffed in 2 guavas for BIL)

Boarded plane, landed on Terminal 1 Changi, transfer to Terminal 2, take MRT to Clementi (xfer at Tanah Merah) and took a short taxi ride to sis' house.

Hmmmm..... it's been a long long time I did this, travel on my own, walking at very fast pace (VERY verry fast).... without Amber or hubs in tow.. I do feel very good. Very liberating. I can vaguely remember the last time I travelled as a single.. long ago, ard 9 yrs ? Well, I must say, I didn't miss them as much as I thought I will because I'll be back home in 2.5days and they are in good hands. ;)

I'd love to bring Amber with me but the thought of her throwing tantrums at Orchard Road, complaining of tired feet, itchy buttocks etc... I'd better leave her home. Maybe next year, I'll bring her along.

So, after a couple of hours on flight & train, I'm at my sis home.

Then she came home from the cake shop where she works with this :

Multi layered crepes. Yummzzz.. Never seen such at KL but one of her patrons said a shop in Malacca has this specially made layer crepes.

Then I unpacked the stuff for sis :

Thin Heong bakwa from Jalan Imbi. Previously Wing Heong but they lost the lawsuit. Anybody knows the story, apparently both Wing Heong at Jalan Imbi were battling over the use of 'Wing Heong'. How the are related, I don't know. .but I do know, I'm going for Thin Heong now. The best bakwa in town.

After unpacking, I'm ready to hit the streets of Singapore......