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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Can't Believe It's BUTTER !

Guess what's her favourite snack ?

Everytime I bake, she'll dig her fingers to the batter and lick .. and I scream coz the batter has raw eggs and flour. I recently found out she actually likes butter. Just like hubs when he was young.

Behind my back, while I was busy baking cupcakes, two of them 'curi makan' my butter. Hubs took a slice, shared with her, she ate it clean and asked for more..

Caught in the act...

Yummy, yummy !

Chern hao wei !! (pssst... ignore her vampire look nailjob !)

Hubs cuts thick slices and both of them will be savouring away. Not me, I find it 'jelak'.

My favourite butter for baking and glazing my cakes. Hubs and Amber's favourite for snacking too. Golden Churn, pure Australian Butter. SCS comes on par and no other butter comes near.
Golden Churn retails around RM8-9 at our supermarkets. Look out for offers. Jusco is offering them at RM5.49 from 10 -13 Dec. I just grabbed 10 blocks for RM5.99 y'day and I'm gonna get some more today to B&K.
P/S B&K is 'BUY and KEEP', a term my sis use for stuff we buy that we don't really need but cannot resist the offer and may come of use in future. LOL !!!
Do you B&K too ?