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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Strolling the Streets

I only had one full day in Singapore and I reserved it to shop with my sis. I'm not on a big shopping spree but I just love walking, window shopping, eating, more walking and also 'cuci mata'

Walking is good, it burns calories. LOL !

We started the day early, and left the home for China Embassy where sis had to pick up her visa. Then we took a slow walk to Orchard Rd, stopping by at St Regis for toilet break. . . .

and I had to take a pic of the plush toilets :

I could take more pics but I really dun wanna be like so 'ulu', taking pics of 6 star hotel toilets ;)

Then I spotted this Gingerbread Village, all edible, pretty hor ?

Entrance to Orchard. A lot has changed since my last trip. A few new malls cropped up, Plaza Singapura, ION, Vivo City and couple more I forgot the name.

ION Orchard. Just open recently. Read as "eye-on-orchard"

I only browse the household and children section of the departmental stores like Tang, Isetan and Robinsons. What to do, 'aunty' already, due to lack of time, I zoom in to the 2 sections I love best. I like household departments, there's always so much to see and so many cooking demos on, new woks, etc .. and many food samplings too. :)

My friend suggested I try Food Republic at Atria, one of the better food courts and better seating space than Takashimaya.

I love Food Republic at Pavilion KL and I can't wait to try my favourite Thye Hong fried prawn noodle from it's main oulet.. at Food Republic Atria :

Stall opens at 11am and by 11.05am, a long queue has formed.

Verdict : Not any better than KL Pavilion's except they add fried pork lard to the noodle. I
personally prefer Pavilions.

We also had Yong Tau Food (really good, yummy and not oily at all) and fried prawn noodle

We also went back to Food Republic for dinner and had beef noodle and Cantonese Noodle. Very nice too, full of 'wok hei'. In fact, Singapor is a real foodie place, it's easy to get good food at reasonable price and clean surroundings. I must admit, their food court are run by local Singaporeans unlike our Bolehland, walking into any food court now, you'd think you're in Myanmar ? Bangladesh ? Medan ? haih..
Above pic was taken from a rooftop of another new mall, can't remember the name tho but it was next to 313 Somerset. Nice view from the top.

There's even a roof garden built at the top. Picture don't do justice here but it's really high up at the top, something like 17 levels ? Gosh! I've been to so many malls, I forgot the name and details !

The night scene at Orchard

A little bit of here and there.. all very Christmassy feel.

These sexy reindeers were parading in front of Ngee Ann City. I tot it was cute.
We walked till our legs dropped. By the time, we got home, it was almost 10pm and sis had to drag out her OSIM and OTO food massager to pamper our hard laboured legs...