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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tagging Along - 2

We brought Amber Tagging Along, to another training session last week. This time, she behaved better. I brought UNO to keep her busy !!!

A card game and I need to read the instructions, I don't really know how to play (shame ! shame !)

While hubs conducted a training session and I finished my paperworks, we played UNO.

She's really taken by the cute cards, colors and Pooh characters.
We didn't get around playing much, firstly I had to read the instructions till she got impatient and said Mama, why you don't know how to play wan ?

Then, we ended up playing 'read the cards'. When I fish out a card, she has to read the number, color and character to me. I think it's much simpler than playing actual UNO.

Then she got bored and played with 'screensavers' instead. Gets excited whenever the screen saver appears. She thinks it's 'magic' . . LOL !
This time, she's better behaved. I'll still bring her along the next time because I feel really bad leaving her alone at the childminders till so late at night.