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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hand Me Downs

I was rearranging her wardrobe and picking out those clothes that were too short for her to be given away. I do keep some of her clothes esp her favourite ones as I intend to make a quilt of it one fine day (one really fine day... long long way to go but I'll do it)

My 'Miss Kiam Siap' was around while I was packing her clothes.

Amber, give these clothes away to Sharon mei mei ok ?

NOOO..... Cannot ! Why ? I don't want to give mei mei my clothes.

But you cannot wear them anymore.

No.. can ah.. you see.. she puts on one top to try...see, this Pooh one , I can still wear, no need to give mei mei.

Aiya, cannot lah.. can see your phat-chai (belly button).

No, don't want to give away. This one I want, this one I also want. All I want.. don't give mei mei.

Why not ? Aunty Wai Fun gives you Khloe cheh-cheh's clothes because Khloe cannot wear already. Now, you cannot wear, you give someone else ok ? Must learn to share girl.

She, still unhappy, ngam-ngam-cham-cham, pulling the clothes over her and insist she could still wear the clothes I packed aside.

Then I pulled out one purple dress which is way too short. I asked her to put on like this :

You see, the dress is so short, if you wear it , can see you 'phet-phet' , panties and all. You want to wear meh ?

Then she kept quiet, no more protest from her. LOL !!!