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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Friends

I caught up with my old friend, Bella, recently. Her sister was my colleague from Hong Kong and when Bella's husband came to work in Malaysia, we got to know each other and kept in touch. This nice couple are very adventurous, always travelling around Malaysia for good food and places to visit and I bet they know Malaysia more than me.

Time passed and they have 3 lovely daughters. Both of us are always busy with our own kiddie stuff but last week we paid them a visit. Amber absolutely loves the 3 cheh chehs.

On the way to lunch , the girls stopped and looked at the poster of ladies in 'pink wig'

Then they wanted to do some artwork *sigh*.. with each other's company, they run about, Amber forgets us.. LOL !
Since last weeks meeting was rather short, I invited them over for dinner on Sunday. . They had
a whale of a time :
Fights and pillow fights.. apparently, we adults are the 'bad dinosaurs' and they want to get rid of us (this cerita created by Amber.. LOL!! )

The aftermath in the playroom .. LOL !

The cheh-chehs are ice skaters and pose beautifully. My clumsy Amber tries to imitate but falls down everytime she lifts her hands and legs...
To Jeannie, Layla and Ioanna, Amber and us welcomes you for another visit anytime !!!