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Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali Everyone !

I look forward to this celebration every year coz that's when all my aunties, my sis and I will gather in my Tua Kor's house for a big makan. This year hubs is sick at home, nursing a bad flu and the little one prefers to stay home with Papa.

Tua Kor cooked lots of curries for us. Curry chicken, chicken rendang and a dry chicken curry. She also made nasi briyani for us. To douse down the spiciness, she made cucumber, onion pickes and air sirap for us. She also braised a pot of Hakka char yoke , from my grandmother's recipe which all of us loved so much. For desert, she baked butter cakes, made kuih talam and jelly.

Everyone enjoying their meals... My Tua Kor was walking up and down, filling our plates with food !

Yummy, yum yum, home cooked feast.
While we were having our meals, and Indian man came to join us for lunch and offered prayers. He was previously a security guard at Tua Kor's condo but has since resigned. Tua Kor's unit is just next to the guardhouse and I think the guy has been sniffing Tua Kor's cooking for some time. He did say to Tua Kor that he'll drop by on Deepavali to have lunch and he did. I guess even the experts in curry knows a good pot of curry when they sniff one.
She did not make of her famous murukus for us this year. Her muruku mix has gone bad. Tua Kor mixes her muruku flour from scratch, buying good quality rice, beans and sending them to the mills to be grinded to flour. She's staying alone now and nobody helps her to send the rice for grinding. I volunteered but I need to know where to find flour and spice millers. Please let me know if you do come across any around your housing area. I miss her murukus and will do anything to help her get those murukus out. LOL !
Thank you so much Tua Kor for giving us a wonderful meal.