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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Random Conversations - Death & Love.

Yesterday, I was alone with her at home, she was toying with my laptop and at one of those quiet and Que Sera Sera moments, thinking of her future, what she'll be, how she'll cope, I told her :

Amber, one day, Papa & Mama will leave you and not be with you anymore you know ?

Why ? Amber die ah ?

*sigh*.. CHOI ! No, one day, when Papa & Mama grow old, we will leave you one day, when you are old, you'll pass away one day.

When Papa Mama old, got white hair lor, Amber big girl already, adult. I go work work and take care of you ok ? I drive car, take Papa & Mama out.

My heart melts. Hubs told her many times about filial piety. She's our only kid and yes, we are selfish parents, we hope she'll stay with us forever even after she gets married and has a family of her own.

Bedtime, she threw a tantrum and cried big time...

I want to go downstairs and watch tv
Wuahhh... Amber so sad. I very sad.
Because I want to go downstairs watch tv.

I showed her the clock and explained concept of time to her, past 10 o'clock, short needle past number 10, she has to be in bed.
Then in bed, she whimpers her heart out, in tears ( I found it amusing and laughed at her instead coz her cries were more like whimpers of a baby than real heartaching cry it all loud)

Mama, Amber so sad.

Why ?

Because Amber so long in Boon Kor Kor there. Amber wait for Papa Mama, so long also never come.

Eh.. Sharon mei mei's father mother, Ya Ya father mother also very late, isn't it ?


You see, Papa Mama have to work. Once we finish work, we fetch you, okay ?

Still whimpering.

Amber so sad, Amber wait so so long also Papa Mama never come
Amber want to go office and work with Papa Mama.

LOL! Nanti.. more to come... all her so sad and so long cerita..

Amber so sad, so long never go Mid Valley. *sniffs*

Yeh Yeh & Mah Mah did not come to KL, how to go Mid Valley.

Yeh Yeh Mah Mah so long also never come to my house. Amber very sad.
Why so long also never go Mid Valley.

Yeh Yeh Mah Mah getting old you know, very tired, cannot go Mid Valley everyday.

No, not old, you see, they got 'black' hair. Where got old.
Black hair, not white hair. Yeh Yeh Mah Mah not old

Mama, Amber dun want to go Boon Kor Kor. I want to go Mid Valley see Yeh Yeh Mah Mah

Between the whimperings, she'll cuddle up to me. She did complain a lot of 'so sad' stories but I particularly remember the 'black hair', I find it very amusing.


I think lately, we didn't have much mother-daughter moments, so last night she pour all out to me her 'so sad' and 'so long' stories.