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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn

This is going to be the most awkward Mid Autumn festival post coz there's no mooncakes and lanterns.. Why ? Mama too lazy to play lantern with Amber and while MIL cut mooncakes, Mama was too lazy to take photos.

We left for Tampin after work on Friday night. It was the longest journey home ever. I picked up the maid and Amber from childminders, lock up the house and went to town to pick up hubs. Major traffic jam. I guess everyone balik kampung, the Chinese go home to celebrate Mid Autumn festival and our fellow Muslims celebrate Hari Raya with relatives and friends. The whole KL city was chocked with cars, and we were crawling all the way to Sg Besi toll, you'd think traffic would be clear past toll but we could see cars queuing after taking their toll tickets !!! Aiyoyoyoyo !!!! Another 20 mins queue past the toll coz the lanes converged from 8 t0 3 !!! Well, luckily it was quite a smooth drive back from Balakong onwards, I guess most cars are still stuck in town unable to get to highway.. LOL !!! We reached Tampin at 8.45 and little missy had to scream for toilet stop just 5 minutes before reaching inlaws.. She refused to 'tahan' until my in laws house. My mistake for not bringing along her potty. So we stopped at some creepy looking medan selera for her to relief herself.

Ding dong ding dong... reach home, have dinner and too lazy to play lanterns. Tedious task to insert in candles, find place to hang, etc. We did play a bit of fireworks though.
I just lazed around watching tv and Amber and her Yuen Wen cheh-cheh ran around the house, up and down, front and back, laughing, yakking and making lots of joyful noise !

I caught some pics of them :

See their ears? Clipped with ginko nuts !LOL !!!! The maids were in the kitchen cracking gingko nuts and these 2 girls kept asking them to clip their ears.. Wuah... happier than playing lanterns.

Running all over the house but stop n pose for pictures when they saw me with my camera.

Even asked me to take their back view.. LOL!

Giving me funny faces. Cheeky girls !
Then, later at night, we all went to mamak for teh tarik and chit chat, a walking distance from my in-laws. It was almost 11pm but since it's a holiday and festive season, I just let her have fun.
Running up and down the walkway, jumping and laughing. She's so happy to be back to the grandparents home.

Busy with don't-know-what...

Both of them like to sit on hubs lap, each one side while hubs jiggle them like a rocking horse.
The next day, MIL did her prayers and Amber helped with lighting the incense.

Simple praying with chicken, roast pork, vege and mooncakes

Then the 2 girls dressed up and styled their hair with hairclips from Mydin.

Both of them very cheeky and cute, always pose for me to take photos.
We got ready for our festive dinner.

This is what we had for dinner : from bottom clockwise : roast pork, sweet and sour pork ribs, braised mini nga-koo, steamed chicken, mixed vege and steamed sausages with potatoes. Almost similiar to CNY reunion dinner. LOL ! Some dishes, like the one left, mini nga-koo (arrowroots) are only eaten during festive dinners. To be eaten with lettuce leaves. My favourite.
After dinner, we went to FunFair, the kids saw the spotlights flashing up to the sky from home the night before and we promised to bring them there. Naturally, both of them very excited and waited in anticipation.

This is the first and last ride I took with her. Very , very scary. Amber's should be sitting straight holding the handrail, but the G-force caused her to lie down instead and I had to hold her while maintaining my own balance. Look at the safety handrail, very scary don't you think ?
I haven't been to any rides in a long long time, more than 10 years (last ride-all-you-can trip was to Universal Studio) and I must say, age is cathing up and I'm not game for this kind of 'excitement' anymore. I thought I'll just fall and die if the Lucky Star ride goes wrong, I mean what happens if a screw is tight and fall off ? LOL !!! The 5 minute ride seems like forever. This was Amber's first exciting ride and she kept wanting to go for another round. No way man... not with me and I also fear her safety.
We steered these 2 girls for safer rides instead. Both of them very 'kan cheong' esp Amber who hasn't been to a funfair before.
We kept asking them to go for safer rides.. elephants..horses...etc.

Queuing up for the Ferris Wheel

Luckily, my nephew accompanied them.. I don't fancy going up and down Ferris Wheels...

The carousel rides, better than Merry Go Rounds at Tesco.

Use 'token' system and most of the rides are manned by schoolboys !! I was surprised, they don't know much about safety but I guess the funfair operator has to find ways to cut down cost. Funfairs ain't very popular nowadays.

At the carousel. See the grass on the floor ? Funfairs at held on grassfields. Hardly see them around anymore and it's also a good experience for Amber.

A 'safer' elephant ride

All of us waiting for them to complete the rides so we could go home. Can you see Amber on the blue carousel?
So, that's our Mid Autumn weekend, no pics of lanterns or mooncakes... haih...