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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Of Weddings - Then and Now.

We attended a wedding dinner last week, hubs' cousin sister.

We were amazed how wedding receptions and dinners has changed over the years.

On last Sunday's wedding, they engaged a violinist to play, an entrance march to welcome the bride and groom. I thought this was very nice and classy.

Then I recalled back our wedding.. we had 'Power Of Love' blasting out loud, sung by Michael Crawford as the march in song.. I remember clearly, it was like that :
*** blowing dry ice.. misty effect***, volume on very very high..

The whispers in the morning...
Of lovers sleeping tight...
Are rolling like thunder now
As I look into your eyes
And I hold on to your body
And feel each move you make
Your voice is warm and tender
A love that I could not forsake

then.. the door opens, me and hubs walk in..

Coz you are my lady...
And I am your man .

Wuahh wuahh.. come to think of it.. so 'kwa cheong'... and grand at that time but now, it's so outdated. I remembered when we had a trial run and played Power Of Love, my father was there. He couldn't agree to the music. He suggested we play the The Wedding a very classic that goes :

You by my side, that's how I see us,
I close my eyes, and I can see us
We're on our way to say I do
My secret dreams have all come true

Ave Maria Ave Maria

I broke out laughing.. aiyo so 'lou tou'.. how to play this song at our wedding.
When they served the first dish to mark the start of dinner, we chose a funky musical played to the song 'You Can Call Me Al'. Father asked .. eh.. why no Kitaro meh ? LOL !!

Times have changed and what I thought was cool and hip then is not now. Classic dinners are 'in' thing now.

Moving on, 8 years later, we have Amber and I'd like to post some snippets from last weeks dinner :

She had her hands all chocolatey.. Aiyer.. I was darn stressed that she'll get her pretty pretty dress dirty. I think even she was afraid so but still couldn't help herself to our chocolates. She had her share, our share and also share of those sitting next to us.

Then she found a companion - Kelly, her partner in crime. The run up , down and all over the ballroom.
Amber also "Yum Seng" sooo LOUD, everyone looked at our table !

They filled the chocolate box with rose petals picked from the floor !

Both of them inching their way up stage, I had to get hubs to stop them, otherwise they'll be the center of attraction on stage

See? Both of them ransacked the decorations !

No matter how pretty her dress is, she ends up scratching backside ! LOL !
Bum bum itchy wor !! Haih !!

Amber just loves wedding dinners.
I also want to share a clip taken at another wedding dinner (brother of the bride) last year. Amber went up stage and danced. Pretended to be sing and holding a mike (which in matter of fact is a cork she picked from the champagne toasting)

The emcee even danced with her and welcomed her as the 'guest dancer' for the night. Amber, Oh Amber, really not shy at all. If she could, she'll dance all night !