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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Best Lemang

Hubs and I love lemang very much. We see so many lemang stalls sprouting up during the raya weeks, all over MRR2 and Ampang. We didn't know which was good and afraid we'll end up with some hard rock lemang that'll gives us indigestion.

Then Annie raved about the lemang her colleague bought from Gombak. She said it's soooo good and soooo soft.. I msn and got her to get directions from her colleague. Go along MRR2, coming form Ampang, exit Gombak, turn left and lemang stall is on the left.

So, hubs and I went with an empty stomach and found the place easily. Since we hungry, they
gave us lots of samples to try. Nice.. very nice. The more we try, the more we wanna buy. I asked our friends, Thomas and Joanne to join us for dinner to share the lemang.

There's 2 big lemang stall there. Look out for ISTIMEWA LEMANG DAUN LEREK.
Open 24 hours, call 012-2343974 / 012-6558241 if you need directions. Their operating permit expires this Friday, 16 October 09.

So many bamboo sticks. Business must be good. Lemang must be good too.

Daun lerek is indigenous to the Pahang jungle. The owner told us they get their supply from the orang aslis. So what makes daun lerek special? The hard leaves keeps the lemang texture soft throughout and it also lends and very nice aroma and color to the rice.

See, a big leaf. Lemang still very firm but soft on the insides

The top of the lemang. Annie told me the slimy stuff is actually santan and not 'fatt moe'. Aitelyu, this the best part. Hubs walloped it.
Our own small 'makan makan & selamat beraya' party :

Fresh chilling cucumbers

The lemang. Hubs gives thumbs up, before we could finish, he already planned for a second round while the lemang stall is still open and how we wish they'll be open all year round instead of just one month.

Chicken and beef satays

Cucumber, satay sauce, beef rendang, ketupat.. yummzz

I made some teh tarik to go along with the food. Malaysia is such a beautiful country, we'll find every occasion to have a makan-makan :) Now, I'm looking forward to Deepavali this Saturday!