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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Typical Of My Maid

My Cambodian maid of one year, sigh... don't know what to say about her..
She drives me up the wall but yet, she's not the worst of maids.
I told her twice to crack the ginko nuts (pak kor) , peel the skin and freeze them. I need the ginko nuts to cook my favourite Hin Hua soh-meen for Chinese New Year. Anyway, she had cracked the nuts for me twice, so I'd assume she knows what I want.
Yes, maam ! Yes, maam ! (standard reply from any maid)
Anyway, couple of days later, I checked the cctv and saw her watching tv all evening, I checked on her work. I was stunned to find the whole pack of ginko nuts in paper and in freezer, uncracked, unpeeled !!!!! I asked her why ? She just smiled and could not give me an answer. Kek Sei Ngor !!!!

I wonder if :
-she'd understand my instruction
-I'd explained clearly enough
-she's trying to be funny ??
Someone sent me this article, so funny and it's so, so, typical of my maid :

Is your maid like this too ?