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Friday, January 2, 2009

Chinese New Year around the corner

I love to visit Chinatown, Petaling Street during the Chinese New Year. There is so much of festivity to savour. The 'feel of spring' (over in KL, it's feel of summer, summer and more summer, all year round) gives us a good feeling of new hope and new beginnings. 2008 was a tumultuos year and let's hope the Year of Ox brings us good tidings all year round.

Happy Planet Gift Shop

I grabbed hold of my colleague, SP to Petaling Street to get some activity books for Amber. The stuff there are aplenty and cheap. We were at this shop called "Happy Planet". It's located at the end of Petaling Street, near the UDA Ocean shopping center. Although most of the shops are wholesalers but they allow you to buy in small quantity. SP and me got some nice Winnie Pooh and Spiderman sticker and activity books for Amber.

Ornamental lanterns and pineapple lanterns, a common sight in a Chinese
household during the Chinese New Year

Golden lantern lined with cherry blossom flowers, seems to be in fashion this year

SP commented on the lanterns lined with cherry blossom. She jokingly asked her husband if they should put up one for the New Year. Her husband commented on the gaudiness of the ornament and said "Maybe next time, when I marry second wife, we can hang this lantern at home" ... *slap forehead* ..hahaha...

another vase of red blooms

I like this lantern, very nice but then again, it reminds me of Chinese banquet halls

Shelves and shelves of ang pow packets. Very cute !

I always ask myself who would pay for angpow packets when it's free and available from the banks, supermarkets, shopping centers and even packet drinks cartons. Would you pay for red paper ?

The books and jigsaw puzzles for sale at the same shop

SP and me would spend hours here browsing trough the books
I bought 3 activity books and 3 coloring/sticker books. Total damage ?
I'll be making more trips to Chinatown soon, need to get some baking stuff from Chun Yip Baking Supplies.