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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year - Balik Kampung

We headed back kampung to Tampin on Friday night. It was a smooth journey home, clear traffic and Amber was asleep in the car (bliss !!!)

She was excited to find herself at yeh-yeh's house the next morning.

Quickly headed to the OTO Weight Loss Flabelos machine to do her workout. This time, she figured how to switch on and off the machine.

Later, we took Amber for a haircut, CNY.. must look pretty mah..
In the evening, we went to the night market at Pulau Sebang. Ma-ma (MIL) needs to buy roast pork, huat kueh and loads of other stuff for the eve of CNY prayers. It's been a yearly ritual for all of us to follow MIL to the market and it's an outing I look forward to. The market was bursting with activities, colours, last minute shoppers, traders and full of CNY mood
We'll 'tapau' noodles, sui kow and extra side dish or roast pork for our dinner. After dinner, BIL and hubs will help hang up the new year decors. I truly enjoy being in Tampin, everyone is back home and there's always lots to do, plenty to eat and a lot of catching up to do..

Pulau Sebang is located at the Malacca border whereas FIL's house is at Tampin, Negeri Sembilan. It's only a walking distance away. Jalan Besar, the main street of Tampin is a one postcode but 2 states address (Malacca and N.S.)

Fascination with the ornaments

Choosing some ornaments for home decorations..

Roast ducks aplenty but will be sold off pretty soon ... yumz...

Making freshly steamed huat-kueh

Huat kueh, ang koo for prayers ..

Catching up with Ma-ma's close friends ...

Amber helping to decorate the bamboo plant

Hubby hanging up the banners

Amber with Yuen Wen jie jie, coincidentally both wearing the same pyjamas, already 11pm and not wanting to go to bed.

The kids lending a helping hand with the CNY decors.

Rows of nien-kao for prayers.

Having a last go at Flabelos before going to bed...