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Monday, January 19, 2009

Chinese New Year at Petaling Street

Last week, big sis and me went to Petaling Street to : 1) wan tai sui and 2) shopping for Chinese New Year goodies!!!!

Tai Sui is the Grand Duke Jupiter and every almanac year, there'll be certain elements that conflicts ('fan') or clashes ('choong') with Tai Sui. In the year of rat, almost half of our family clashes or conflicts, me , hubby, sis, nephew, second sis, her hubby and daughter, so lots and lots of praying session to do.

I must say that on the years where I conflict or clash with Tai Sui, did not go well with me. I was either very sick or had many issues to attend to. So, I hope Tai Sui's blessings played down on any negative elements that falls on me.

Well, 2009, Year of the Ox is a brand new year. Hubby and I have no conflict of clashes with Tai Sui.. **phew**

Variety of waxed meat replacing the usual dried groceries at the sundry shop

Blooms of pussy willows and curly bamboos for sale.

Pomelos, nectarines, mini tangerines.. .

The waxed meat stall at the cross junction of Petaling Street, only open for the Chinese New Year

Waxed duck leg, my favourite
The highlight of the trip to Petaling Street, apart from going to the temple was of course shopping for New Year goodies, and makan makan with my sis.
It's only a week away to the New Year and I hope everyone enjoys their shopping !

This year's new year was exceptionally quiet, less shoppers and less stalls. The lap mei , waxed produce is finally up and I love the wonderful aroma of waxed meat lingering in the air.