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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bukit Antarabangsa Aftermath !

It took me a while to gather courage to use Jalan Bukit Antarabangsa. The landslide caused a massive destruction I kept on thinking of the families whom have lost their homes, and for the few houses deemed unsafe, what will happen to them ? It's very sad to see a beautiful home, being abandoned for safety reasons. Plants dying, I strongly disagree with some blogs criticizing the families are rich and do not need help. Some insensitive comments even said they deserved it, knowing the danger of living near hillslopes. How would you feel if your family or someone you know just lost their homes and belongings overnight, while sleeping ? The houses being swept away were actually on flat land and more than 100 meters from the slope.

I slow down and observe the area every occasion I need to drive through Jalan Bukit Antarabangsa to pick Amber from the babysitter.

Taken from the alternative route, on 30th December 08

Taken last week, this house did not crumble but the landslide weakened the foundation and deemed not safe for living, now, it's being demolished

Entering Jalan Bukit Antarabangsa from Bukit Utama

Only 2 house left standing, just next to the landslide

Backhoe, clearing up the rubbles, to pave way for a new road

Much of the debris has been cleared
I pray there'll be no more landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa or anywhere near. MPAJ has been checking and combing the whole area diligently since the landslide incident.