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Friday, January 23, 2009

Last Minute Preparation

Chinese New Year round the corner and I have stilll so much to do :

- I have 2 empty vases to fill. sum tai sum sai , put pussy willow or curly bamboo. Pussy willow getting cheaper and cheaper, lucky I didn't buy earlier. The ones from Ikea are all dried up (don't bother checking them out), Tesco's are less than RM10 per half dozen... Curly bamboo soooo expensive... may have to fork out RM80 , excluding the ting ting tang tang decorations.
Aiya !!! Don't want to buy any lah.. 2 days away only .. too late to do anything. So how ? just hide the vases in the store room lah..

- buy lime, kam-kat plant or not ? I ordered from the nursery lady who did my grass turfing, and she did not deliver.. business too good and my order is too small.. so... don't bother lah..
Since we'll be away for almost a week, the kam-kat could have dried up and died-ed by the time we return from our kampung.. so how ? save money lor..

- make crab stick crisp - The easiest snack to make and I have not lifted my butt yet. After my maid's very failed attempt to fry nga-koo (she took 2 hours to fry 1 kg ngakoo !!) , I thought I'd better do the crab stick on my own.. Forgot all about it and it's still sitting in the freezer

- Prep up potted plants with ang pow packet decorations

- change cushion covers

- fry prawn crackers

- stock up fridge with vege, fish and meat. Chinese believe in abundance and we should stock up plenty for chinese leeks (soon soon lei lei), fish (nien nien yau yue) and prawns (hee ha tai siu). All I have is some pomfrets from Tesco and no vege !

- buy bak-kua from Wing Heong, Jalan Imbi. I like the old shop, the one with a 'since 1972' mark.

- Amber needs a hair trim. Her fringe is too long and irratating her eyes.

So much to do and we have to leave for hubby's hometown at Tampin, tonight. We'll be smart and no join the 'balik kampung bumper to bumper jam' by leaving home after 10pm, Amber will most probably sleep in the car. Let's pray not everyone thinks the same and leave late to take advantage of PLUS offer of 20% discount after midnight to 7am.
The 20% applies when you EXIT toll plaza after 12mn, irregardless of entry time. You'll most probably find rest areas filled up with people having teh tarik, timing their journey to exit after 12mn. For us, the 20% discount we save is not even enough to buy us teh tarik for 2 !

So much to do and so little time left. I'm lucky I need not cook for reunion dinner. MIL will handle everything, we just dig in on the yummy yummy food. Looking forward to 'balik kampung' tonight !