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Friday, January 9, 2009

Peanut cookies, "Fah Sang Peng"

Back in the schooldays, the first cookie I baked was peanut cookie. The recipe is easy and foolproof but it's also the most tedious and time consuming. Back in the schooldays and good old days, mom, sis and me would gather and make peanut cookies. We measured using rice bowls, 1 bowl of this and that (can't remember now).

the peanut dough

My little helper watching me roll the little balls of peanuts

Over the years, I've lost the recipe and stopped baking after mom passed away. A couple of years ago, I tried and tested the recipe again and here's my concoction :

170gm peanuts (the small variety, with skin)
150gm flour
120gm icing sugar
half teaspoon superfine salt
Groundnut oil (Knife is the best)
egg yolk for glazing

Method :Fry the peanuts till crunchy, this is the most delicate part, you must fry in slow fire and keep stirring to ensure no peanuts gets burnt. Test one or two and it's ready when it's fragrant and crunchy without the raw peanut taste.

Leave to cool and remove skin (long and tedious process)

Blend peanuts till very fine, fine means it has turned pasty and can see little hint of oil in the paste. I personally like the peanut blended super pasty and fine to get the 'melt in your mouth' taste. Be careful with the chopper/blender. Please pause after a few seconds, I've heard of many peanut cookie sellers 'overheating' their blenders/choppers

In a mixer, mix all the dry ingredients till crumbly . Slowly pour in cooking oil and mix till in becomes a dough, soft enough to roll into balls. (I personally prefer Knife cooking oil, it used to be the best 'fah sang yau' ie peanut oil but now all our cooking oils are mixed with palm oil).

Glaze with egg yolk

Bake at 160 C for 20 minutes or till light golden brown.

To make it more interesting, you can poke in almond nibs at each cookie. It'll lend a hint of cruchiness and makes the cookie easier to handle. I've omitted it coz almonds are so darn expensive !!!!!

little balls of peanut cookie, fresh from oven, yumz

Ta da ! All packed and ready for the New Year