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Monday, January 5, 2009

No Name Curry Rice at Petaling Street

There's this really d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s Indian curry rice hidden at the corner of Petaling Street. Alight from Pasar Seni LRT, walk towards Petaling Street, you'll come across a small quaint coffee shop at the corner called 'Yong Bee'. There, you'll find the one and only Indian curry rice
stall, with no name.

Proprieter and chef. I guess he uses Baba's curry powder .. 'kualiti antarabangsa' for his dishes

by 12.30pm, most of his curry dishes has been scooped up

Proud owner of the best curry in Petaling Street
The curry chicken, fried chilly chicken and mutton curry is really yummy. I can hardly find a mutton curry without the smelly 'sou mei' , and this is the stall.
He proudly proclaims that all his curries are home cooked. He cooks it from home and brings to the shop in his earthenware pots.
The stall is open by 11am and most most of his curry is sold out by 1pm. Be there early if you want to best selection of curries. However, let me warn you, the curry does leave a burning sensation in the stomach.