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Monday, January 5, 2009

My cousins visiting

Last Saturday evening, my cousins , the 3 sisters, cousins from both mom and dad's side (mom's brother married dad's sister) , so we are very very 'chan' (close by relation) to be related on both sides. To be even more 'chan', my cousin sister #3 is dating my brother in law, David.
So you see,,,'chan' + 'chan' = very very 'chan' ?

Amber proposing a toast
Amber, my little socialbird, as usual, loves visitors. She joined the adults in our conversations and while drinking water from a cup, she suddenly got up and invited us to 'yam seng'. And we had many many yam seng sessions that night. She drank at least 2 cups of water within 1 yam seng session. Her usual intake is only 1.5 per day (excluding milk and soups)

Amber enjoying the swing with cousin sis # 2

Amber decides teddy bear should have some fun too and swings teddy bear

Amber and teddy bear.