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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Got Bitten By The Wolf

I got bitten by the Big Bad Wolf !!! I'm not into books and it's been ages since I last read a paperback but I couldn't resist the offers when FB friends posted about their purchase.

Since I had an afternoon to spare, I took leave and found my way to UPM Serdang, giddy with excitement, especially when I saw loads of people walking up the event hall with grocery trolleys and big IKEA bags.
I was a bit worried on handling and carrying those heavy books but Irene assured the event is very well organized and it was. There's boxes for me to drop my selection and a customer service where I can drop by boxes at, instead of lugging around the hall. Then there are those leng-chai customer service boys who helped me trolley the boxes to cashier and then I'm on my own.. oh.. wait.. there's also a shuttle bus to send me back to my car .. Lovely eh ? 

My purchases.. All 23 books and cost me only RM229. The Nigella Lawson and Jamie Olivers alone cost at least RM200, retail price.
I was giddy and greedy.. wanted almost every book in sight but I really shouldn't because there'll always be a next BBW.
I didn't buy many books for Amber as she already has too many books, 'untouched'. I did get her some classics with cd and stickers and Mr Men series - Little Miss Bossy (no prize for guessing why :D)

She weren't even excited with my loot but she insisted on taking a picture with them.
I'm shifting the books to my room, stacked on the floor, next to my reading chair.
The ipad2 gotta take a break now while I dig into the books :D

I already feasted on Nigella Lawson's Christmas last night. What's next ? Jamie Oliver ? or.. should I start of Sophie Kinsella's ???

Too spoilt for choice.. all for a very small price.. RM229.. As Irene said.. going for book sale is more 'SYIOK' than buying baju at Isetan presale.. LOL