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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Class Trip to Dominos Pizza and Balai Bomba

So, did we have fun ? You bet !!

The school left in 2 buses to Dominos Pizza at Dataran Sunway and Mid Valley. They had to split to 2 locations as one pizza place is not big enough to house the kindie. We left on a rainy morning and jammed all the way to Dataran Sunway. Kids got restless in the bus and we have to thank the organizers to come up with games and trivias to keep the preschoolers occupied.

When we reached Dominos.. there was a couple of not-very-cheerful staff who showed us how to make pizza. I think they can do better, use a mike or make the whole event more cheery.. Kids were given a short tour of the kitchen and had a hand in helping make the pizza and bread twist.
 Then, makan time (probably the highlight of the trip). Amber had rice crackers and coke. I allowed her coke on this occasion and I had her pizza instead. I felt so embarassed when she asked why I took 2 slice of pizza ? (ok. ok.. I admit.. I am HUNGRY !! It's almost 10am and I hadn't had breakfast) when everyone took 1 slice. Said loudly and asked me not to waste and take one is enough !!!.. so wanna spank her quiet   this girl.. she can really talk.. at the most un appropriate time.. LOLOL.. but nothings stopping me from having hot pizza topped with melting cheese and there's more than enough to go around.
 We left Dominos with a full tummy and caught up with the other bus at the Taman Tun Fire Station. Now, the trip gets interesting.

The kids were taken for a tour to the control station where calls are received asking for help. Accordingly, the fire station handles more non-fire emergency calls than actual fire. These men are called for when there's an accident, disasters - big or small, rescue works and the most common are snake calls. Apparently, they get quite many calls to catch snakes around PJ area.
 They did  a demo on how a car accident rescue work is carried out. A thick ballon is inflated..
 the kids watch intently
and the kids sat on the balloon to test the sturdiness.
 Very steady and tough and if I'm not wrong, can take up to 20tonnes or more of weight. This balloon is used to move accident victims pinned inside cars.

Each kids gets to wear the bomba suit. Very heavy as it's fire retardant (obviously!!!) and layered with water inside.
 Then they get to ride on the fire truck, with sirens on.. Mr Bomba was so kind to take them for a round around the fire station. The teachers and parents went for a round too. It was fun  :D
 and then...... it  gets more FUN !!!!

she gets to have a hand at the bomba hose !!!

 Look Mommy !!!!

UWAHHHH !!!! I wanted to do this too... but too malu to ask Mr Bomba !! 

Before we left, we took class photos with all the nice Mr Bomba's who made the trip memorable and fun for us !