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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our new kitchen-in-progress

This is our new kitchen in the making. Like the color ? Not exactly conventional and hubs chose it. I left the coloring schemes to him. The kitchen equipments were my choice and I am very excited over the new Bosch oven. There was some problem with the aluminium shutter though. I told Alice, my contractor, I wanted to place a toaster oven inside and she made sure there was electrical supply, in fact there was to power outlets inside... but.. but... but... it's too narrow to fit in the toaster oven. Dang !!!!!
I gave her 2 options, to change (uninstall, remove, cut, spray paint and install again) or FIND ME A NEW SMALLER TOASTER OVEN TO FIT IN !!!!!!! And so, the hunt it on for mini and narrow toaster ovens.
A word of advise to all of you fixing up your homes, be very very specific on what you want, go to the measurements in detail, the cm, mm and H x W x D.
We have chosen a black galaxy granite top for the kitchen. It's a starking contrast to the kitchen cabinets...