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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our weekend

Yummylicious lasagna

It's a norm for us to meet clients on weekends and would bring Amber along. I cannot trust my hyperactive , super mischievous girl alone at home with ai-see-beh-see super blur Cambodian maid.

Saturday was not such a good day for us. We met our client at Taman Tun Devi's corner. Getting a parking a not easy and we quickly slot into a lot when we saw a car leaving. We did not realise it was a yellow line and we we were slapped with a saman from DBKL.

No mood to shop anymore, we headed for Bangsar Village, a quiet and comfortable place to walk and laze around and had lunch at D'lish. We love their food and most of , the reasonable price. Hubs and I would frequent D'lish in the evenings after 8pm, with 30% discount off food.

Anyway, this time, we ordered lasagna and vegetarian penne pasta. For desert, we had the caramel crumble (yummy). Total bill came to abt RM30++, it would have been much more expensive if we had gone for the pasta/pizza place instead.

Amber loved the lasagna and I'm happy to add it to my "Amber's favourite food list". She's not a food lover like us and getting her to finish her meals is a chore.

Here's what I had . Penne pasta with olives and capers. Absolutely yummy !

Amber being chummy with the waiter at Legend's Di-Atas Brasserie

Dinner was another makan session again, celebrating Richard sook-sook's birthday at Legend Hotel. The buffet spread was wide but sadly, there was very few people around. It really shows that times are bad and people are spending a lot lesser. Year end was always a time where most hotels would be fully booked for year end gatherings, but this year was different.

Looks like everyone's really tightening their belts....