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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Amber's Shopping Mischief - Part II

Last Sunday, we checked out the new AEON store at Ampang Utara. It's really huge but there isn't many attraction except for the food outlets. There's a big Jusco store but retail outlets were quite limited.

Amber queuing up for her balloon

Mr Clown Kor-Kor posing with Shy Amber

Here's Amber with the clown. She's ever so excited to see clown blowing balloons and tying them up to be dogs, flower, etc (I don't know what you call this art). Amber would always ask for a red flower and so a red flower was what she got !

Amber, the model !

Amber's monkeying around again. This time, Li , my niece wanted to get a blouse for her friend and asked me to 'model' it, her friend is slightly bigger built than me. When Amber saw, she wanted ot do the same and try on the blouse. Here's a picture of her 'modelling' the blouse.

Oh ! My hair !
When we got home, I gave her a trim. Her hair is too long and poking her eyes. See how tired she was from kai-kai all daylong. She does not like long hair and request to have her hair cut short many many times. Lazy me has been procrastinating the trip to the hairdresser till I cannot stand her long fringe anymore, I gave her a quick trim on the fringe

Amber and a Big Apple donut
The next day, it was kai kai time again. We had dinner with my in laws at Mid Valley. I asked hubs to try out the Big Apple donut + coffee. It's a real bargain at RM4.50 for an Americano and a glazed donut. You cannot get a deal close to that at any other coffee chains. No wonder Starbucks is downsizing. In current economic conditions, everyone's holding tight to their cash and not splurging.

Amber rarely pose for photos. Here's one of the rare ones.

Christmas is just round the corner. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !